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What will St. Paul look like in the fall of 2020?

Our plan for the 2020-2021 school year is to open with face-to-face instruction on our campus starting August 26, 2020 using a regular Monday through Friday full days schedule. As we are a small school and can follow recommended guidelines without making a lot of changes but we want to keep the safety of your child first and foremost.

Listed below are some things we are considering for this fall:

  • Student seating will be facing the same directions in all classrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.
  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands properly and often.
  • Increased disinfectant and cleaning processes will be utilized.
  • Use of face masks will depend on CDC and State/Federal Orders: if no order, face masks will be optional.
  • Do temperature checks when students enter the building or advise parents to take temperatures before coming to school.
  • Emphasize to parents to keep their children home when they are sick.
  • Have guidelines for students to return to school who are sick.
  • Encourage students and staff to bring their own water.
  • We will limit the number of non-essential visitors.
  • We will have a designated area for sick students.

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your inquiry about St. Paul Lutheran School. I would like to briefly tell you about our wonderful school and strongly encourage you to consider becoming part of our educational family!

First, and foremost, we are a Christian school that not only allows prayer in our school day, but teaches its importance in one’s life. We regularly study God’s Word to us and strive to live accordingly. Because God is the center of all we do, it naturally follows that our children prepare themselves to serve others in need.  We believe that true joy comes only from having a faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and living according to his direction. It is also important to know that though we often fail to live up to God’s standards, He daily and completely offers forgiveness to us and all believers.

With that said, our school also provides the highest quality in secular education. Our students regularly score well above the national average on standardized tests. More importantly, our graduates have a phenomenal record of success in high school and beyond. Small classes, dedicated, qualified, and loving teachers, along with supportive parents, help St. Paul to provide the most complete education anywhere.

You and your child will be forever thankful should you join us on our daily walk to learn more about God and His world. If you have reservations, no matter what they are, I would love to talk with you and encourage you that an education at St. Paul is one of the best choices you will ever make. I look forward to getting to know you and your family better as together we strive to give your child the best education possible.


Christine Pifer, Principal

Listen to one of our Parents...

Why You Should Consider St. Paul For Your Child…

  • Impact on families from preschool through adults (parents often share how much they learn from their children)
  • Daily Prayer in School
  • Dedicated, Certified, Loving Teachers
  • Weekly Chapel Services
  • Ongoing Mission Projects
  • A Family atmosphere in each classroom
  • Chromebooks and tablets for our 1 to 1 computer program
  • Computer Lab and Media Center
  • An Excellent Education allowing our students to have a firm "Foundation for Life and Eternity"
  • Students consistently score above the 80th on National Standardized Tests
  • ...and the list goes on and on!

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend St. Paul's?

St. Paul's welcomes children of all faiths, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. 42% of our student body is non-Lutheran.

Does a small school like St. Paul's offer all my child needs?

Yes! St. Paul's has relatively small class sizes and multi-graded classrooms that allow students to interact more closely with their teacher and classmates. This enables each student to participate in activities that may be unavailable to them in larger schools. The teachers at St. Paul's know each child as an individual and, in most cases, work with each child over a two year period.

Can I afford to send my student to St. Paul's?

Education is one of the best investments a parent can make for their children. A quality Christian education will continue to give returns in a variety of ways throughout a child's entire life. The elementary years of a child's educational life can lay a solid foundation for high school, college, and beyond. With scholarships available and alternative payment plans, a St. Paul's education is affordable and attainable.