Christian Education: The Best Form of Education for Northville, MI StudentsChristian parents in Northville, MI are often asking what the best system of education for their children is. Some wonder whether they should send their children to public schools and hope they can be a light for the gospel. Many parents are considering charter schools as no-cost alternative to public education. Still others wonder if it would not be better to embrace Christian private education in Northville. At St. Paul Lutheran School, we believe Christian parents do well when they choose a high-quality, academically rigorous Christian private school. Christian school is the best education choice for parents who are seeking an alternative to public school and see the value in an academic environment that is decidedly Christ-centered. Here is why we believe Christain education is best.

Christian Education: The Best Form of Education for Northville, MI Students

Why do we believe Christian education is best?

  1. Discipleship. Your child spends the majority of their day in school. That leaves you with a few hours a day to squeeze in some biblical studies between eating, homework, and extracurriculars. Your church has a few hours each week to help fill in the gaps. However, if each of your child’s teachers is a faithful follower of Christ, you know they will not be lacking in biblical instruction.
  2. Christian Worldview. God’s Word has much to say about God’s world. Traditional public and charter schools cannot draw the connections between academic subjects and Scripture. Christian private schools like St. Paul Lutheran School have the unique opportunity to demonstrate to students how God’s word makes sense of algebra, physics, literature, and history. 
  3. Small Class Sizes. Christian schools typically have smaller class sizes than public and charter institutions. That means your child is able to receive the individual attention they need to excel in every subject, while distractions from too many students in one room are mitigated. 
  4. Purpose. Though your child will be attending classes with mostly other believers, a Christian school will provide opportunities for ministry and missions.
  5. Preparation for College and Beyond. Even though our oldest class is 8th grade, our education system is meant to help prepare students for high school, college, and beyond. We help lay a foundation on Christ and the Scriptures that transcends every part of a student’s academic journey and career. 

If you are ready to learn more about how St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, MI can provide the best education for your child, do not hesitate to contact us.