best teachers oakland countySecond to only Wayne County in terms of population, Oakland County, Michigan, is a much quieter place to raise a family than you might think. Residents in Oakland County and the Northville area enjoy a slower pace of life despite being close enough to places like Detroit and Ann Arbor to commute to work. Many are discovering that Oakland County is the right blend of quiet and convenience.

Other reasons for people to relocate to our community include the beautiful parks, amazing cultural attractions, and first-rate restaurants. Oakland County has a lot to offer:

  • A more leisurely pace of life
  • Close proximity to Detroit and Ann Arbor
  • Driving distance to many of the region’s state and local parks.
  • Outstanding smaller companies throughout Novi and Northville
  • Friendly neighbors

Being so close to some of Michigan’s most impressive institutions of higher learning has had to a positive impact on our community. There is no shortage of highly educated teachers investing in students throughout the region. 

The Best Teachers - Private Education in Oakland County, MI

Although Oakland County is lucky to have excellent public education, many parents want to make sure their children are getting more out of their academic experience. St. Paul Lutheran School is the solution for anyone looking for a private Christian school in the region. Here is what you need to know about how our school can help your child grow academically and spiritually. 

Despite the fact that Oakland County is fortunate to have a quality public school system, many parents want to make sure their kids are getting more out of their academic endeavors. 

For those seeking a private Christian school in the area, St. Paul Lutheran School is a great option. We have some of the region's best teachers. Here is what you need to know about how our school can support your child's academic and spiritual development.

How Our Teachers Support Academic and Spiritual Development

The staff at St. Paul Lutheran believes our highest calling is to bring the love of Jesus to our students through our thoughts, words, actions, and instruction. Our second commitment is to give our students a high-quality education in a safe environment that will result not only in high academic achievement but also in spiritual, social, and emotional well-being too.

The Christian faith serves as the foundation for all education at St. Paul Lutheran School. Daily devotions are followed by teaching in Christian doctrine and Biblical study in each session. In addition to receiving religious education, students receive instruction in all other subjects from experts in their fields.

These include reading, spelling, handwriting, English, literature, mathematics, social studies (geography, civics, history, etc.), science, computer education, fine arts (music, art, etc.), physical education, and health.

How Your Child Can Thrive at St. Paul Lutheran School

If you’re in Oakland County or the Northville area, we would love to talk to you more about how your child can be part of our school. Our teachers are some of the best in Oakland County. If you have any questions about St. Paul Lutheran School, please reach out to us today!