Holiday Family Travel and Study Tips

Monday, 16 October 2023 15:19

Traveling with the family for the holidays is a truly exhilarating experience that fills the air with excitement and anticipation. It's a time when cherished traditions are upheld, and loved ones come together to create lasting memories. 

The prospect of exploring new destinations or reuniting with family and friends in familiar places can be absolutely thrilling. The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to escape from the daily routine and embark on an adventure that promises fun, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones.However, amid all the excitement, it's essential to recognize the need for travel tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Planning ahead, booking accommodations, and making travel arrangements can be complex, especially when coordinating with family members. 

Tips To Help Students Think Critically

Thursday, 07 September 2023 14:23

Teaching critical thinking skills in Christian schools holds significant importance as it aligns with the holistic development of students' minds, hearts, and faith. By nurturing the ability to think critically, students are equipped with the tools to engage deeply with their faith, scripture, and the world around them. 

Kids and Internet Safety

Tuesday, 01 August 2023 20:53

The internet has evolved into a necessary instrument that has revolutionized many aspects of our life while providing a wealth of advantages and opportunities. 

The internet is a huge informational database that offers unprecedented access to knowledge on almost any subject. People may simply and rapidly find knowledge and deepen their awareness of the world thanks to search engines, online encyclopedias, academic databases, and instructional websites. 

Making the decision to switch from public school to private school is a significant choice that requires careful consideration. One of the key factors to consider is the quality of education. Private schools often have smaller class sizes, which allows for more individualized attention and personalized instruction. This can result in a higher level of academic rigor and potentially better educational outcomes. 

Are there advantages and disadvantages to the number of students in a class? Does class size really matter? According to many studies, there are a multitude of benefits of reduced class sizes, regardless of the subject matter or grade level. Smaller class sizes are linked to better long-term performance, stronger teacher retention, and overall student achievement, particularly for younger, less fortunate kids.

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