Are Private Schools Safer than Public Schools?

Are Private Schools Safer than Public Schools?

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 18:04

There is a multitude of concerns parents must answer when considering school choices for their children. From curricula to athletics to class size, we want to know everything about every institution before we enroll our little ones. It is deeply troubling that one of those questions is whether a private school are safer than public institutions. Even though school violence is in the news cycle too often, it is, fortunately, statistically unlikely for your children to experience it. Nevertheless, there are other metrics measuring, and parents should be made aware of them.

Generally speaking, your child's school is a safe place, whether it is private or public; however, private schools are measurably safer. In this article, we are discussing what you need to know about private and public school safety.


Private Schools are indeed statistically safer than public schools

Public and private schools alike are wholly committed to providing safe environments for students to learn and teachers to invest in the lives of students. They have all spent countless hours investing in safety policies that help facilitate peace and harmony. However, unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain the level of safety they desire. Nevertheless, it is important to note that private schools are statistically safer than private schools.

Key Statistics Regarding School Safety:

Some key statistics to contemplate include:

Instances of violence:

  • Fortunately, any single school experiencing an active shooter situation is statistically improbable. Just 0.001% of schools have experienced such a situation in the last two decades. Of course, even one is too many.
  • 94% of active shooter situations since 2000 have taken place at public institutions.
  • 20% of public school students say there are gangs on campus. 2% of private school students report the presence of gangs.

Instances of Bullying:

  • Percentage of students who report being bullied: 28% Public, 21% Private
  • Percentage of students who report being made fun of: 18% Public, 14% Private
  • Percentage of students who report being the subject of rumors: 19% Public, 13% Private
  • Percentage of students who report being pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit upon: 8% Public, 5% Private

Trouble for Teachers:

  • 10% of teachers have been threatened, and 6% have been harmed by students.
  • 3% of private school teachers report threats or physical violence.
  • More than 40% of public school teachers say that they are dealing with instances of behavior problems that interfere with teaching. Meanwhile, only 22% of private school teachers report the same.


Why are private schools are safer?

There is not one single answer to why private schools are safer than public institutions; however, there are several contributing factors:

Smaller class sizes: Public school classrooms might have 30 or more students, while St. Paul Lutheran School has no more than 20. This provides teachers more opportunities to get to know students, identify struggles, and guide them toward Christ-like solutions.

Safer place for discussion: With more individual attention, students find private schools safer places to discuss ideas and raise questions.

Small student bodies: Private schools often have fewer students as a whole, so school counselors and administrators also have more opportunities to mentor students.

Biblical worldview: At private Christian schools, students are taught to view the world through a biblical, Christ-like lens. This helps establish their fellow students and teachers as people created in the image of God. They learn to value humanity as Jesus does.

The presence of the gospel: The gospel demonstrates how much Jesus loves each student, which in turn can help each child see their own value and establish healthy self-esteem.

Emphasis on Christ’s teaching: Jesus taught his followers to love their neighbors and their enemies, to do good to those who hate them. Private schools have the freedom to discuss and emphasize the importance of Jesus’ teachings and use the Bible as an academic textbook and guide for living.

There are several reasons beyond these that explain why private schools are statistically safer environments for learning than public institutions. Private schools like St. Paul are do not merely emphasize safety from violence, however, we are committed to being a safe place for students to grow spiritually. If you have more questions regarding school safety, want to discuss our safety policies, or just want to know more about St. Paul Lutheran School, we are here to help. Please contact St. Paul Lutheran in Northville for more information.