Effective Parent Communication Is Vital to Successful Education

Effective Parent Communication Is Vital to Successful Education

Saturday, 01 February 2020 09:21

Successful education depends on effective parent-teacher communication. Beyond academic success, parent-student communication will have a profound impact on how a child matures into adulthood as well.

For at least 180 days each year, your children divide the majority of their time between role models and mentors. A child’s primary mentors are parents, guardians, siblings, and extended family. There is no one who will impact your child’s life as much as you. At the same time, your child will spend most of the time they are not with you at school with teachers, faculty, and counselors. For Christian parents, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and other mentors will be there to help them grow. 

As a parent, it is vital to maintain excellent and consistent communication with your child’s mentors and role models. 


Your Child Might Hide Academic Struggles

You know how difficult it can be to help your child remember to bring home important information about school activities. If they struggle to pass on that kind of information, you can imagine how they might not be forthright with their academic struggles. Often parents find out about their children’s academic needs well-after they have begun to fall behind. 

A child might withhold study concerns for many reasons:

  • They might be embarrassed.
  • They might think they will finally share the problem once it is solved.
  • They are acting in their independence that can be very healthy and also harmful.
  • They are compartmentalizing education and home life.

A child struggling at home may not alert their teacher for similar reasons. Regardless of whether your child is effectively communicating with you and their teachers, as a parent, you have the right to get to the bottom of issues and help come up with strategies that will help them excel. By keeping the lines of communication open, you and your child’s teachers can address issues quickly and efficiently. 

Searching for Opportunities To Excel

Your child may be as likely to “forget” to share academic struggles as their achievements and successes. When that happens, some students may be discouraged by reaching the educational ceiling. They may need to be challenged by new subjects. You may not know your child is outpacing their curriculum or showing signs of advanced learning, but your teachers might.

How To Communicate With Teachers

There are many different versions of parent-teacher communication. Most schools require regular parent-teacher conferences to help ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the development of students. However, there is need for communication between conferences. 

It is vital to regularly communicate with teachers by phone or e-mail as well. Your teachers will likely have preferences about when and how often to communicate by email. They are invested in your child’s education and want the best for them. Teachers often send regular emails, so it is important to check your inbox and make sure you are not accidentally forgetting to read them. 

No one is available 24-7; however, many teachers are grateful for parents who are willing and ready to communicate. 

At St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, MI, parent-communication is an important part of our educational process. As a ministry of our church, we see education as a community-endeavor. Our community is committed to the spiritual and academic growth of each of our students. We would love to discuss how we can help your child become a successful adult and Christ-follower. Contact us today, to schedule a tour, meet our faculty, and learn more about St. Paul Lutheran School.