How to Get Back on a School Schedule

How to Get Back on a School Schedule

Sunday, 14 June 2020 19:40

There has been nothing traditional about 2020 for students. This has been one of the strangest school years in the history of public school and certainly within any of our memories. The pandemic led to a situation where students were at school one day like normal, then, they never returned to campus. Parents scrambled to learn how to help their children study remotely while simultaneously navigating the trials of working remotely. Packed schedules involving school and extra-curricular activities suddenly opened, and families have spent more time together than they have in years and maybe ever. For some who remained healthy, this time has presented a welcome break. For others, they are more than ready for their children to return to school. Most of us are somewhere in between those two places. 


Summer may have felt like it began in March. June may have felt like an extension of April. You may feel like any semblance of a school day schedule is long gone. While states around the country try to figure out what school will look like in the fall. Regardless of the specific details, however, students will, at some point, return to campuses across America and Michigan. For parents, that means trying to find a way to get their children back on a school schedule. If you don't, it will be a rough first couple of weeks. 

Is it the schedule too far gone? Is there any hope? We think the best way to get back on track is to start sooner than later. Here are some tips for getting your kids back on schedule. 

How to Get Your Kids Back on School Schedule

Here are four key tips for getting back on a school schedule:

1) The Battle Begins with Bedtime

Bedtimes and bedtime routines get thrown off during the summer. In 2020, it’s possible this process started back in March and April. Slowly reinstitute the bedtime and begin pushing it back 10 minutes every night. For teenagers, this may be especially difficult, but it is easier to start now little-by-little than to attempt to do it all-at-once later.

To get back on track, reestablish the bedtime routine. Brush teeth, wash up, put on PJs, etc. 

Avoid these pitfalls:

  • Caffeine, fatty and sugary foods, and poor nutrition during the afternoon and evening. Remember, chocolate has caffeine. 
  • Television right up until bed. Turn the TV off at least two hours before bed.
  • Screen time till bed. Turn off all screens including video games two hours before bed.

Remember it is summer, so build in some breaks such as a movie night (that can start in the late afternoon or early evening) on summer weekends. 

2) Slowly Return to a Regular Wake-Up Time

Like bedtime, begin pushing the wake-up time back gradually until you get to a schedule close to what you intend for the school year. Establish a morning routine that includes breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed for the day, and doing something productive before commencing with screen time. You may have children read books or play outside before the heat of the day.

3) Plan the Day

It is a unique summer. There would typically be sports camps, Vacation Bible School, and other busy activities. Many of those things have been put on hold this summer, so in order to return to a proper schedule, parents may need to establish activities such as crafts, art projects, puzzles, and recreation. You can also take field trips to places that are safe and open. Of course, take this opportunity to explore our many outdoor areas like parks along Hines Drive and Kensington Metro Park.

4) Check with Teachers and School

Do your teachers have required reading before school begins? Are their movies or documentaries that might help prepare for the year ahead? Check with your school and teachers to see if there are things you can do to prepare for the new year. 

Many parents are waiting for the public school system to make decisions regarding how the school year might look as we may still be contending with a pandemic. Some are opting to enroll children in private schools during this season. At St. Paul's Lutheran School, we are accepting applications for the new school year. We are committed to following important safety guidelines to ensure there is minimal risk before returning to school physically, and we will do everything we can to provide our students with excellent, Christ-centered education whether they must study remotely or not. However, we will also do everything in our power to get back to class in as normal a routine as possible. 

We already have smaller class sizes than most public institutions and practice sanitation procedures. We are confident we will be able to continue to fulfill our mission regardless of what the future holds. If you would like to know more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us