Questions to Ask Before Your 8th Graders Start High School

Questions to Ask Before Your 8th Graders Start High School

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:15

It may feel like just yesterday your child took their first steps. Soon, however, they will be completing their middle school education and graduating from eighth grade. If your eight-grader is graduating from St. Paul Lutheran School, we are grateful for our time with them. Now, we want to help you and your students make the transition to high school.

This article will primarily address parents of rising high school freshman; however, the content here can be applied to parents of students in almost any phase of their education. If you would like to know more about how our institution answers these questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As you begin the process of enrolling your child in high school, we want to help you ask important questions about the next institution they may attend. Here are five questions to ask about your child’s high school. 

5 Questions to Ask Before High School

1) Why should my child go to this school?

As you begin conversations with various local high schools, ask why you and your child should consider each school? What makes this school special? The answer to this question should make it clear how a high school will help freshmen go on to success beyond graduation. At St. Paul Lutheran School, we are committed to making sure each student is prepared for spiritual and academic growth once they graduate from eighth grade. We want the same for our students once they enter high school.

2) What is the role of the gospel here? 

Though the gospel may be important to individual teachers and faculty at public schools unless your child attends a private Christian high school the gospel and God’s Word will not have a formal role in your child’s high school education. You may choose to move forward with a school that is not Christ-centered, leaning on the foundation your child received at their school or church. At our school, we are committed to providing that Christ-centered foundation, so your child is armed with the good news of Jesus wherever they go.

3) What is the graduation rate at this high school?

Your freshman will likely begin high school with more students than will be present at graduation. Nevertheless, it is important to know the graduation rate of a school and how it compares to other institutions in the area. Whether the graduation rate is lower or higher than other area schools, you will also want to know why.

4) Will this school help my child go on to college?

Graduation rate is important, but the number of students that have gone on from high school to college is even more important. Furthermore, the number and percentage of students that go on from college to successful careers is vital information. If your child is not planning to go on to college or university, will the high school you are considering help them pursue the best path beyond graduation.

5) Are there excellent extra-curricular activities here?

Extracurricular activities help set students apart for college applications apart, while also developing character skills such as:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Teamwork and humility
  • Passion for the arts and God’s creation
  • Compassion for other students
  • Work ethic and study habits
  • Health and exercise habits

From music and marching band to sports and academic clubs, high school students grow through extracurricular activities. High school is a season of opportunity for your child to discover a passion for music or talent for sports that they may carry on throughout their lives. Find out what kind of extracurricular activities a school offers as well as the clubs and sports at which the school excels. 

If you would like to know more about how our school prepares students for life beyond eighth-grade, contact us. St. Paul Lutheran School is committed to helping students develop a Christian foundation that will help them throughout high school, college, and beyond.