The Best Scripture Passages to Study During the Advent Season

The Best Scripture Passages to Study During the Advent Season

Friday, 07 October 2022 20:41

With autumn in full swing, it’s hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner. That means families in Northville will be planning and navigating a busy season of visiting family, buying the right gifts, and finishing school assignments that tend to pile up toward the end of the semester. It can be challenging to make sure your children are focusing on the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 


How can parents encourage their children to keep Christmas focused on Christ? Making a commitment to spend time with your kids studying Scripture passages that are relevant to Advent is one of the most significant and meaningful things you can do. We've included five significant passages in this article that you can study with your family to help focus on Christ during Christmas.

Five Passages to Study During Advent

Old Testament Advent Passages

Genesis 3 - The First Gospel 

Genesis 3 tells the story of the Fall when people disobeyed God and sin and death entered the world. Following the Fall, God addressed the Serpent that tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God when he said there would come someone born of a woman who would crush his head. 

God spared them from the punishment they deserved because he was certain that his own Son, Jesus, would come and settle their debt. We also get a picture of how the Savoir will deal with sin and death (represented by the Serpent). His heel will be bruised (crucifixion and the grave), but he will crush the serpent’s head (resurrection). 

Isaiah 9:2-7

Speaking amid a turbulent period in the history of God's people, Isaiah restates the Genesis promise that God is sending a Savior who will be unlike any other person in history. He will not resemble anybody the world has ever known. He will be a king, born to a virgin, and bring light into the darkness.

This passage demonstrates that the Savior will be fully human and fully God. He will rule as a king, establish justice and peace, comes from the house of David, and he will unquestionably be completely God. He will be called Emmanuel, God with us. He will be a person, though, so he will be able to understand our sorrow.

New Testament Advent Passages

Matthew 1:20-25

Joseph was considering what to do about his betrothed's unexpected and strange pregnancy when an angel by the name of Gabriel miraculously came to him and revealed what was actually going on. The angel clarified that the unborn child in Mary's womb wasn't a typical infant. He was to serve as the world's Savior and the Messiah. 

Additionally, he assured Joseph that he would play a crucial part in the life of the greatest human being to ever exist. He was supposed to marry Mary and help raise Christ as much as anyone could do such a thing. The angel told him he was to give the child his name, Jesus, which means he will save his people from their sins. 

Jesus’ name is descriptive of his mission. He came to save, and by his very name, there was no chance he would fail. 

Luke 2

The second chapter of Luke tells the entire story of the birth of Jesus. Genesis 3 and countless other prophecies regarding God's plan to redeem the world via Jesus are being fulfilled during this time. A virgin gave birth to Christ, who was placed in a manger. The universe's modest King had, at last, arrived to save the day. Humble shepherds came to give him the glory he was due. 

God keeps what he has promised. The miraculous birth of Jesus was seen by witnesses. Despite the fact that he deserves all the credit, he was modest and humble. Still, his miraculous birth was a foreshadowing of the miracles to come, namely his death and resurrection. 

Revelation 21:1-5

Not a traditional Christmas passage, these verses speak of the second Advent. Jesus is coming again. Jesus will return. We have hope in this because God kept his word when he promised to come the first time. The first time he arrived, he repaired us. He will restore the world and everything in it during his second coming.

The first time, he arrived as a servant and reserved his glory for a select few. Jesus will return as the glorious King and make all things right. We can look forward to his second appearance because of all he did during his first coming. 

St. Paul Lutheran School 

We celebrate the Advent season at St. Paul Lutheran School. Christmas is a time when we get to focus on the miraculous story of Jesus’ birth. However, our students hear the good news of Jesus every day. The gospel is foundational to everything we teach and do. We are committed to helping our students know and grow in Christ. 

If you are interested in your child joining our Christ-centered school, we would love to talk with you further and answer any questions we have. Contact us today for more information about St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, MI.