Although we have only been back from Winter Break for a few months, many Northville families are ready for a break. Throughout the area, people have been stuck at home and indoors. It has been a long cold winter, so families that have had to quarantine while learning and working from home have had little reprieve from being inside. At St. Paul Lutheran School, we have been fortunate to maintain safe in-person classes; however, many parents are still working remotely. 

Even though many families will choose to stay local this year, people in our area are looking forward to Easter Break more than ever. In this article, we want to help families make the most of this Easter Break. 

We have finally closed the chapter on one of the most challenging years in modern memory. The difficulties we faced the teachers a lot about how to persevere, especially when it comes to education. With many schools still utilizing forms of remote learning to ensure students continue to learn even when they cannot be physically present, we may never go back to a time when technology is not an integral part of education. Students must become increasingly more comfortable with the use of technology in every facet of education. 

For teachers and parents, it is important to properly utilize technology when studying at home. We want to help make sure that you can properly implement smart devices and your child’s studying, while also finding the right balance of time away from screens.

Christmas is in the air in Northville, Michigan. Everywhere you go you see reminders of the holiday season and hear the nostalgic music that takes us back to our childhoods. It is the time of year our town and nation are most focused on our Lord and Savior. The story of Jesus’ birth is depicted in movies and played on the radios of retail stores and restaurants. We see reminders of the miraculous Advent of Christ in commercials and on billboards. We even associate the chill of winter with the birth narrative of the long-awaited Messiah. 

As Christmas gives way to New Year’s Eve, our focus begins to shift to the promise of a fresh start that comes with the resetting of the calendar. Many will be looking forward to that this year more than ever. Most will make resolutions to improve their lives. For parents of elementary and middle school students, this is an opportunity to set new goals academically and personally. 

Christmas is the end of the week. It is one of the most anticipated Christmases in recent memory as a welcome reprieve from the events of this year. Many people in Northville were putting up their decorations well before Thanksgiving, and some will hesitate to take them down after the holiday passes.

There was a Christmas more anticipated than this year. For thousands of years, the Hebrew people waited for the Messiah God promised to send to save the world. From the moment we fell, God promised to send one who would be born of a woman who could defeat the Serpent, sin, and death. Generations waited, searching the skies for signs of the star that finally, after many millennia, appeared in the east.  That Christmas changed the world and continues to change humanity to this day.

Celebrating Advent as a Family

Wednesday, 07 October 2020 22:10

adventFor many Northville families, this year may have felt more like a decade. From a pandemic to natural disasters, it seems like every day brings new challenges to navigate. There has never been as much uncertainty about our schedules as where we would be able to go from day to day and week to week. Parents and students know more about video conferencing than they ever meant to learn.

But we have finally made it to fall and the holidays are approaching. Many families are looking forward to gathering together for the first time this year. Others are making unexpected changes and adjustments to long-held holiday traditions. This holiday season is not without challenges; however, it should still be a time of rest and celebration.

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