pray study togetherQuality education is in the DNA of Northville, Michigan. We are just a few miles down the road from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and many other institutions of higher learning. 

Parents in our area know how important it is to lay a foundation of excellence for the education of their children. They also know that there is more to learning than mastering academics. 

Mathematics, science, language, and history are vital subjects, but there is much more for children to learn before they can become well-rounded adults. 

Many parents in Northville seek alternatives to traditional public education because they want their children to learn to value their character as they strive for academic excellence. They realize that the exclusion of Scripture and a Christian worldview leaves a gaping hole in their education. 

There is great value in pursuing a Christ-centered education for your child. 

How a Christ-Centered Education Benefits Your Student

Five benefits of a Christ-centered education include:

  1. Students Learn About Jesus: As important as it is to learn a wide range of subjects, as Christian parents, we know that none of it really matters without knowing Jesus. 
  2. Students Hear the Gospel Daily: It is important to learn about Jesus, but without the gospel, your kids are missing out on the most important part of his message. Jesus lived an incredible life and taught powerful lessons, but his mission was to come and save the world by his crucifixion and resurrection. At St. Paul Lutheran School, part of being Christ-centered in our approach is making sure your children hear the gospel. 
  3. Students Are Instilled with a Biblical Worldview: While every subject is not covered at length in the Bible, we know that all truth is from God who created all things. We are committed to providing a quality academic experience, but we approach everything through the lens of a Biblical worldview. 
  4. Students Study Christian Doctrine: In addition to studying the gospel and academic subjects through the lens of a Christian worldview, a Christ-centered school will give your students the opportunity to study the basic doctrines of our faith. At St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, each session begins with a brief devotional and then moves on to Christian doctrine and Bible study. In the lower classes, religious teaching mostly consists of memorizing small Bible passages and "memory gems," as well as learning Bible stories and their connections to everyday life. A systematic study of Christian doctrine, as articulated in Luther's Small Catechism, is incorporated in the higher classes.
  5. Students Grow in their Faith: In addition to learning facts about Jesus, the gospel, and doctrine, your students will be given every opportunity to grow in their faith and dependence on Christ for all things. 

Parents benefit from knowing their children are in the best possible environment for an educational experience that emphasizes character and integrity as much as academic excellence.

St. Paul Lutheran School

If you know your child will thrive in a Christ-centered school, we would love to hear from you. St. Paul Lutheran School has been in existence for sixty years, witnessing countless students grow into the adults God created them to be. 

Contact us for more information about how your child can become a student at St. Paul Lutheran School.