student anxiety and burnoutOakland County, Michigan, is the second most populated county in the state, behind only Wayne County. While Oakland County is close enough to commute to work to cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor, residents enjoy a quieter pace of life here. There are many other factors that lead people to move to our area, including the pristine parks, great cultural amenities, and excellent restaurants. 

While Oakland county has many great schools, parents often seek alternatives to public education. If you are researching private schools in and around Northville, Michigan, here are a few questions you can ask to determine whether an institution is right for your child.

What To Ask About a Christian Private School in Oakland County, MI

1) Ask about the school's mission. 

We are committed to helping children develop their full potential as God's creation as we:

  • TEACH children to serve God and others.
  • EQUIP children with knowledge and skills for living.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each child's uniqueness.
  • CREATE an active, Christ-centered learning environment.
  • HONOR GOD through active church participation.

2) Ask about religious affiliations. 

St. Paul Lutheran School is a Member of the Michigan District of Lutheran Churches - Missouri Synod. We believe the Bible is inerrant and infallible, God-breathed through human authors. We instill the truth of the gospel of Jesus to each student, so they have every opportunity to believe that he died for our sins and rose from the grave.

3) Ask about academics. 

At St. Paul Lutheran School, we are committed to providing the highest quality academics possible for each of our students. Regardless of the subject, our faculty teaches from the perspective of a Christian worldview. 

4) Ask about class sizes.

Our class sizes are typically 40% smaller than public schools in the area. This allows teachers to focus individual attention on students who need it most. It also helps us facilitate social distancing when necessary.

5) Ask about their history.

St. Paul Lutheran School Has been in continuous operation for over 60 years. We have seen thousands of students reach and exceed spiritual and academic goals. Our history speaks to our ability to fill our mission. 

6) Ask about student life. 

St. Paul Lutheran School is a Christian private school in Northville, Michigan, serving students throughout Oakland County. We have been fortunate to see many students come through our program and succeed in their future academic endeavors and life in general. We are proud to help them reach their God-given potential. If you would like to know more about our private school in Oakland County, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule a tour.