new years resolutions 1In Northville, Michigan, families are surrounded by high-quality institutions for education. Just a short drive from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and many colleges in Detroit, academics are vital to life in this area. From elementary school through the entire secondary education experience, students are taught the importance of self-starting and taking ownership of studying. 

Parents are challenged and rewarded as they do their best to help their elementary-aged students along. Sometimes, when they see their child’s homework, it can feel like going to school again. They are confronted by math, reading, and science lessons they have not revisited in years. However, it is rewarding to see your child take on academic challenges and successfully learn new lessons and skills. 

At St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, we are committed to the spiritual and academic growth of all our students. We want to help make sure parents have the tools necessary to help their students study well. Here are key tips to help your elementary-aged student study.

How to Help Elementary School Students Study

Here are some quick tips for helping your child study:

  1. Be the standard: As a parent, you must model the best means of studying for your students. Take time to be a lifelong learner and an example to your children. 
  2. Use a calendar: Help your child organize their assignments, time, and thoughts with a calendar. 
  3. Make space: Provide a study space that is your child’s own. However, you might make that space available in a common area, rather than tucked away in a room. That makes your home a collaborative learning environment. 
  4. Routine: Ensure your elementary students understand that studying is part of their daily routine. It is as vital to their day as brushing teeth and combing hair. 
  5. Seek assistance: Ask other parents what has worked for their families. Reach out to your child’s teachers for tips and assistance on how to help your child study.
  6. Supportive school: Find an educational institution that is supportive of its students. 

St. Paul Lutheran School provides an environment that facilitates academic and spiritual growth for students. Our small class sizes and Christ-centered teachers are helpful for students who want extra attention and help studying. If you would like more information about how your child can excel at our Christian private school in Northville, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help you support your child’s academic journey.