classic books northvilleAn unusual summer is drawing to a close for children and families in Northville. For weary parents, it may feel like there was no summer break at all in 2020 as they navigated the difficulties of working remotely or returning to a physical workplace. For students across the nation who finished their respective school years at home with remote learning, it may feel like the spring semester never actually came to a close. Nevertheless, the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year is here, and children will begin returning to academics, although, for many, it will look very different than the first day last year. 

St. Paul Lutheran School is excited to offer in-person classes beginning in late August. We have taken countless measures to ensure our school is as safe and sanitary as possible. We have flexible options in place should things change, but we are confident our small class sizes will help us provide the education and socialization our children need during this difficult season. As students throughout our region begin a unique first day of school, we want to talk about what students at St. Paul can expect.

What Education is Like at St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville Michigan

We are a private Christian school in Northville. That means our academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities are support our mission to educate children according to Biblical principles to provide for their spiritual and intellectual growth. We are committed to help children develop their full potential as God's creation as we:

  • TEACH children to serve God and others.
  • EQUIP children with knowledge and skills for living.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each child's uniqueness.
  • CREATE an active, Christ-centered learning environment.
  • HONOR GOD through active church participation.

To help facilitate our Christ-centered education, we do have a school dress code in place. Each class opens daily with a brief devotion, followed by instruction in Christian doctrine and Biblical study. In the lower grades, the religious instruction consists chiefly of learning Bible stories, together with their applications to everyday life, and the memorization of brief Bible passages and “memory gems.” In the higher grades, a systematic study of Christian doctrine, as outlined in Luther’s Small Catechism, is added.

Parents and students can expect a rigorous and thorough academic experience at St. Paul Lutheran School. However, we do not lose sight of our foundation on God and Scripture. If you would like to know more about how your child can become a part of our school, please contact us today.