small class sizesOakland County is Michigan's second-most populous county. However, the frantic pace of the city calms as you leave northeastern Detroit, and the countryside provides a respite for those looking for a more tranquil atmosphere. 

Novi and southern Oakland County have a lot to offer families that want to live in a quiet area, but still want to be close to the city. The following are only a handful of the things that attract people to the area:

  • Beautiful, pristine parks with plenty of activities
  • High-quality public and private academic institutions 
  • Excellent healthcare facilities and professionals 
  • Proximity to careers and amenities in Ann Arbor and Detroit
  • Friendly neighbors and high quality of living 
  • A quieter pace than the larger urban areas nearby

While public education is excellent here, many parents are still searching for alternatives. They wonder whether their child might thrive in a different academic setting. 

Parents are asking if private school might be better than public education in Oakland County, Michigan. We want to help you answer that question. 

Is Private School Better Than Public Education in Oakland, MI?

The answer to this question has nothing to do with the quality of administrators and faculty in Oakland County public schools. Rather, it is about the opportunities students have in a private school. 

Some of the key benefits of Christian private education include:

  1. The Ability of Christian Private Schools to Facilitate Spiritual Growth. Christian private schools are able to facilitate spiritual growth by providing a Christ-centered, gospel-focused environment. Public schools cannot promote the good news of Jesus. However, Christian parents understand that the gospel is the most important foundational truth. 
  2. The Fact That Christian Private Schools Are Statistically Safer. Generally, schools are safe places. You can, for the most part, trust that your child will be safe and unharmed regardless of whether they attend private or public institutions. However, in several key statistics, such as bullying and behavioral issues in the classroom, Christian private schools are safer. 
  3. The Advantage of Christian Private Schools Having Smaller Class Sizes. Smaller class sizes allow private Chrisitan schools to focus individual attention on students who are excelling or struggling in specific subjects. 
  4. Christian Private Schools Have the Right to Choose What Is Best Regarding Sanitation and Health. Our health and safety protocols have allowed our school to maintain in-person learning throughout the global pandemic. Small class sizes allow us to practice effective social distancing when any disease spreads in our community. 
  5. That Standard of Excellence to Which Christian Private Schools Are Committed. Christian private schools must do all things for the glory of God. Therefore, we are committed to the highest excellence in every aspect of education.

St. Paul Lutheran School - A Christian Private School in Northville, Michigan

Chrisitan private education might indeed be the best choice for your child. St. Paul Lutheran School has been teaching students and pointing them to Jesus for over sixty years. 

We have seen countless students grow into the individuals God created them to be. If you would like more information about our school, please contact St. Paul Lutheran today.