New Years ResolutionSome might consider 2020 the longest year in history. Of course, it was not actually longer than years past, but with all of the unexpected changes and challenges faced by Northville, Michigan families, it certainly felt more like a decade. Finally, we are drawing near the holiday season. Families are certainly celebrating differently than they have in the past. Many will use video conferencing technology to bring extended family into their homes while upholding social distancing standards. Many will choose not to travel this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many will simply celebrate with their immediate family. 

Christmas will undoubtedly be as unique as Thanksgiving. It will be common for churches to broadcast their Christmas Eve services online. Once the Christmas season is over, Northville residents will shift their focus to ringing in a New Year with the hope of returning to some semblance of normalcy. Families will be making New Year’s resolutions together academically and spiritually. We want to help you and your students make the right kind of resolutions and keep them. 

New Year’s Resolutions for Students in Northville, Michigan

Keys to setting good New Year’s resolutions include:

  • Be Specific: If you want to lose weight, say how much. If you want to eat healthier food, say what foods and how often.
  • Make it Attainable: If your goals are out-of-reach, you are more likely to give up. 
  • Stretch Your Goals: While you want the goals to be attainable, they should also be challenging.
  • Make a Plan: If you want to lose 30 pounds, develop a plan for exercise and diet. 
  • Get Accountability: You need to tell people about your goals who can help you be accountable to your plans. 

Keeping those five steps in mind will help your children achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Help them develop the plan to set their specific goals. When it comes to academics, make your resolutions center on milestones in learning, rather than grades. Consider choosing a Scripture reading plan as a family and setting aside time to discuss it together. Make your child’s teachers aware of their academic and spiritual resolutions so they can help your child be successful. Reevaluate those resolutions during the year and adjust your plan if necessary. 

At St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, Michigan, we are committed to the spiritual and academic growth of our students. If you would like to know more about how we provide the highest quality educational experience in a Christian environment, please contact us