northville michigan lutheran schoolThe advantages of being close to highly educated, metropolitan cities are combined with the charm and feeling of community of a small town here in Northville, Michigan. Located midway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Northville is convenient to work and career options while feeling like the quintessential small town. There's a lot to love about Northville, including:

  • Maybury State Park, Ford Field Park, Cady Street Dog Park, and Maplewood Park are just a few outstanding local and state parks.
  • The disc golf course at Cass Benton Hills
  • Genitti's Hole-in-the-Wall, Tirami Su, and Tuscan Café are just a few of the restaurants and coffee shops.
  • The greenway that connects Northville to Dearborn 
  • The Historical Village at Mill Race
  • Excellent educational options and schools

Although Northville has excellent public schools, many parents are looking for options that have lower class sizes and let children focus on Christ. Here in Northville, St. Paul Lutheran School is a Lutheran Christian private institution that educates children from Oakland and Wayne counties.

Northville, Michigan Private Lutheran School

We are a private Christian school founded over 60 years ago. We are committed to helping children develop their full potential as God's creation as we:

  • TEACH children to serve God and others.
  • EQUIP children with knowledge and skills for living.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each child's uniqueness.
  • CREATE an active, Christ-centered learning environment.
  • HONOR GOD through active church participation.

Why Choose a Lutheran School in Northville, MI

Why do parents choose a Lutheran elementary and middle school experience for their children?

  • Every elementary and middle school student at St. Paul Lutheran School is given special emphasis on the value of a Christ-centered education.
  • Students in elementary and middle school are taught biblical principles and Christian doctrine at St. Paul Lutheran School.
  • Some of the most talented educators in the region work at St. Paul Lutheran School. They have extensive training in their disciplines.
  • As they go through elementary and middle school, students at St. Paul Lutheran School are prepared to be able to lead effectively.
  • Class sizes at St. Paul Lutheran School are less than those in the neighborhood public schools. Due to our small class sizes, teachers can devote more attention to each student individually, and students can work together more effectively.

As a Lutheran School, doctrine and theology are vital to our identity:

St. Paul is a member of the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. We believe and teach the doctrine of the Triune God. God the Father is our Creator. Jesus, God’s Son, is our Savior and Lord.  The Holy Spirit calls us to faith through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism and keeps us in that faith.

At the same time, our teachers are experts in their fields and committed to academic excellence. 

Teachers at St. Paul are committed to helping each student reach their full potential as disciples of Christ and lifelong learners. If you're interested in learning more about how your child might attend a school that is dedicated to both academic success and the formation of Christ-centered disciples, contact us today.