private elementaryThe town of Northville is as charming as it is historic. Located in the Detroit metro area, people have enjoyed this area for nearly 200 years. In 1919, Henry For purchased a factory and moved machinery from other facilities to the Northville Valve Plant. At that point, we were off and running, becoming a small-town solution for those who wanted to live and raise families outside of the big city. 

Located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Northville is surrounded by excellent educational institutions. Michigan is known for being committed to academic pursuits. While we are fortunate to have great academics, parents do seek alternatives to traditional public elementary schools. St. Paul Lutheran School provides students with a spiritually enriching academic experience. If you are searching for a private elementary school in Northville, St. Paul’s is your solution. 

Private Elementary School Northville Michigan

Our teachers are committed to the idea that each student is a child of God capable to achieve success. For over sixty years we have helped elementary school students develop the tools to reach their potential. We help children develop the potential to be successful by teaching them to love God and their neighbors, equipping them with academic and intellectual knowledge, acknowledging their uniqueness, creating a Christ-centered learning environment, so they can honor God through their participation in church and their communities. 

Our lower school, elementary-age students enjoy beginning each day with a brief devotion and examination of doctrine and Bible study. They learn the stories of Scripture and see how they impact and apply to daily life. 

In addition to religious instruction, the pupils receive instruction in all secular branches of learning as required by the State of Michigan. These include reading, spelling, handwriting, English, literature, mathematics, social studies (geography, civics, history, etc.), science, computer education, fine arts (music, art, etc.), physical education, and health.

Kindergarten classes have no more than 16 students, while class sizes are no higher than 20 in first grade through eighth grade. We are committed to quality Christian education and a rigorous academic curriculum. Our elementary-age lower school students are prepared for the upper grades and beyond. Whatever your reasons for considering alternatives to public education in Northville, St. Paul Lutheran School is here to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your children. Contact St. Paul Lutheran School today for more information about our private Christian elementary school in Northville, MI.