elementary studentWayne County is the most populated county in Michigan. It is the 19th most populous county in the United States. What is it about this section of our state that has attracted so many people? People choose to reside in Wayne County for a variety of reasons, including great professions, good healthcare, and high-quality education. 

While we do have great public institutions here in the Northville area, many parents are searching for something different for their elementary-aged students. St. Paul Lutheran School is a private Christian school providing spiritual and academic instruction for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Here is what you need about our school.

Christian Private Elementary School Wayne County, MI

Here at St. Paul, students receive a high-quality academic experience with a strong biblical foundation. 

Spiritual Instruction at St. Paul Lutheran School

The Christian religion serves as the foundation for all instruction at St. Paul Lutheran School. In keeping with the school's mission to help children develop their full potential as God's creation, each lesson begins with a brief meditation and then moves on to Christian doctrine and Bible study. 

In the elementary-aged grades, religious teaching mostly consists of memorizing small Bible passages and "memory gems," as well as learning Bible stories and their connections to everyday life.

Academic Excellence at St. Paul Lutheran School

In addition to religious teaching, students are obliged by the state of Michigan to receive instruction in all secular disciplines of learning. Reading, spelling, handwriting, English, literature, mathematics, social studies (geography, civics, history, and so on), science, computer education, fine arts (music, art, and so on), physical education, and health are among them. 

We utilize a variety of methods to meet the needs of every student. 

Benefits of Choosing Christian Education in Northville, MI

elementary studentThere are countless benefits to choosing a private Christian elementary school in our area, including:

  • Our class sizes in grades K-12 are less than twenty students per classroom.
  • Our teachers are mentors and disciple-makers.
  • You can find strength from our strong community of Christian parents and teachers.
  • Your child will be able to benefit from a number of extracurricular activities.
  • Every subject is taught from the perspective of a Biblical worldview.
  • Private schools have the freedom to make the decisions that are best for the health and safety of their administrators, faculty, and students.

Are you ready to explore the possibility of enrolling your elementary-aged student in a private Christian school? The team here at St. Paul Lutheran School is here to answer your questions and help you better understand how your child can grow into the person God created them to be. St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church of Northville was founded in 1896 and began a Christian Day School program that same year. Discontinued for a time, St. Paul Lutheran School was re-established as a two-room school in 1959. 

For sixty years, we have seen students here in northeastern Wayne County excel. Contact us for more information about how your child can be part of our school.