School ScheduleSt. Paul Lutheran School in Northville Michigan has been around since 1959. In our sixty-plus years, we have seen a tremendous amount of change. We have seen Northville‘s population nearly double in size and many new businesses grow with it. We have seen new parks established and schools being built. We witnessed the Cold War and, 9/11, and our resilient spirit through the Great Recession. We’ve seen Northville endure hard times and rebound time and time again. Though we have never experienced anything quite like this pandemic, we have witnessed enough to know Northville will get through it. We know we will take care of each other and find through stronger as a community on the other side.

Somewhere on the other side of everything, or students will return to school and eventually to their physical campuses as well. While this summer may seem like it started a long time so, it is coming to an end soon. Here are some ways you can prepare for the next school year:

Prepare to Make the Next School Year Awesome in Northville, MI

1. Routine

Reestablish good bedtime and wake up routines. Have them do their school time nightly routine and wake to as if they see going to school.

2. Read

It is time to start limiting television, video games, and screen time and make sure your kids are reading.

3. Nutrition

It can be tempting to spend all summer eating junk, but that won’t help provide the energy they need when they get back to school. Get some fruits and vegetables back in their diets.

4. Outdoors

While the weather is nice, make sure they are spending as much time as possible outside.

5. Family

Make sure you are taking every opportunity to enjoy time together, present with one another, not just in the same room doing your own individual things.

6. Pray

Pray for the upcoming school yet that your children will be flexible and adaptable, ready to learn, and committed to growing in their faith.

If you are considering alternatives to public school, St. Paul’s Lutheran School is accepting applications for the upcoming school year. We benefit from already having small class sizes, so we are equipped to socially distance if necessary. We provide a high-quality educational experience in a Christ-centered environment. Contact us for more information.