school scheduleIs there a season Northville, Michigan residents anticipate more than spring? We are hearty people, built to make the most out of winter. Snow and ice do not stop us from living great lives here in the suburbs of Detroit. However, it is a blessing when the temperature finally gets warm enough to put away the thick coats and winter gloves. 

Our kids love spring as well. They look forward to seeing the flowers and trees in bloom and being able to play on playground equipment that isn’t covered in ice.

Spring, however, can also be a difficult time for young students. When the days begin to get longer, it signifies that the school year is almost over. That means the final tests and an array of assignments are nearing their due dates. If a child is already fatigued by the school year, they can feel defeated as they approach the end of the second semester. St. Paul Lutheran School wants its students to grow into the well-rounded, Christian adults that God wants them to be. We want to help by providing tips for finishing the school year strong.

5 Tips for Finishing the School Year Well in Northville, MI

1) Parents must help their children plan to finish strong. Get out the calendar and put due dates on it, circle them, and develop a strategy to help your students meet their goals.

2) Parents must be their child’s biggest cheerleaders. It is not your job to panic. It is your job to cheer on your children and encourage them to finish the school year strong.

3) Parents must watch for signs of anxiety. If your child is struggling with anxiety about their schoolwork, those feelings will be exasperated this time of year.

4) Parents must emphasize rest, exercise, and proper nutrition. Pulling all-nighters, never going outside, and quick unhealthy meals will not help your child finish the semester strong. These things will cause more fatigue and anxiety.

5) Parents must not put faith aside during this season. This is not the time to skip church and devotional time with your children. Your children need to say that even during the difficult seasons, especially during the difficult seasons, your faith is still in God and his gospel.

At St. Paul Lutheran School, we encourage our parents to take an active role in the education of their children. We also want you to know that we are in our students’ corners. Education is not primarily about meeting assignment due dates, but becoming the person God wants us to be. We will always place the highest value on character. 

If you would like to know more about how your child can join the support system available at our school, please reach out to us. We will always help each student finish the spring semester well.