school scheduleThis has been one of the strangest school years in history. Parents in Northville, Michigan, like the rest of the world, have little time to prepare for our whole lives to be turned upside down. While dealing with furloughs and unemployment, shortages of toilet paper and sanitizer, working remotely, they also often became education facilitators and homeschool teachers. Parents have to take work calls and video conferencing while answering math and science questions. They had to learn what it’s like for the family to be together all day. They had to figure out whether to make their children stay in routine or give them the freedom to learn in their PJs.

Many families have welcomed the unintended consequences of quarantine. Their schedules became lighter, with less shuttling to and from extracurricular activities, and more time together than they have ever had. It was like summer began in March for many, though children continued studying through May. Once summer started officially, it became almost impossible to keep any sort of schedule. In fact, if you’re still working from home, you might welcome the quiet of kids sleeping late, not to mention the lighter demand for bandwidth. Nevertheless, the kids are going back to school at some point, so you are going to have to plan for returning to routine. Here see some tips for getting your kids back to a school schedule before fall.

Getting the Kids Back on Schedule

Here are a few tips for getting the kids back on schedule:

1. The Battle Begins with Bedtime

Establish a bedtime routine and begin the process 10 minutes earlier each night until you get back to normal. Allow some flexibility on the weekends and remember it is still summer. Make sure they are avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and turning screens off before evening.

2. Slowly Return to a Regular Wake-Up Time 

As bedtimes get earlier, it should be easier to restore typical wake-up times and routines.

3. Plan the Day

Plan some activities and field trips during the day, but remember, it is still summer, so build some downtime in as well.

4. Check with Teachers and School

Check with the school and your child’s teachers to see if there is any pre-semester schoolwork your kids should be doing. 

Since St. Paul Lutheran School already has small class sizes, we are already equipped to provide social distancing measures. We are committed to safety and confident we will be able to continue to fulfill our mission regardless of what the future holds. If you would like to know more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.