Holiday BreakEveryone looks forward to the holidays as a time to relax and spend time with family. Thanksgiving is a day for reconnecting with family and friends you have not seen in some time. Christmas is a season for remembering the Savior who came to us as a child. In Northville, as soon as the first chilly fall night arrives, it feels like holiday breaks are on their way.

For parents of young students, one challenge is making sure your kids do not lose their momentum. You do not want the return from Thanksgiving or Christmas break to be a drag. We want to help you keep your students from losing their academic momentum during the holiday breaks. Here are a few tips for keeping your kids on track even when school is out. 

Study Tips for Students on Holiday Breaks

  1. Stay on task with your school calendar. Do not let students procrastinate on schoolwork during the break. Students cannot just throw the calendar out for a few days or weeks out of class.
  2. They can still read and write even on break. This is a great time to catch up on a novel or a devotional book. Encourage your students to journal about what they are reading or that for which they are thankful. 
  3. Keep up with daily devotions. This is a great time to catch up on neglected Scripture reading or to start a Bible-reading plan. You may choose to do a Scripture-based study together as a family while you have a few days together. 
  4. Study and celebrate Advent together as a family. There are reminders of Christ’s incarnation everywhere, so your children will already be curious to know more. We have several ideas for studying Christ’s advent in this blog post. 
  5. Help them continue to eat well and exercise. Do not let your kids stay inside and play video games all day.
  6. Take breaks with friends and family. Do not forget to enjoy the time off. 

At St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville, we help make sure your students are growing beyond just their academic pursuits. We are instilling the central truth of Christ and the gospel for each child that comes through our doors. Our subtracts are taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview by teachers with knowledge and expertise in their fields. Each child in our lower and upper schools had the opportunity there to become a disciple of Jesus while becoming a well-rounded student. Please contact us for more information about how your child can become a student here at St. Paul Lutheran School.