private school classEducation is one of the greatest concerns for parents of school-age children. The quality of educational institutions in an area like Northville is one of the primary factors that attract new residents. Our area is surrounded by great schools at every level.

Many parents are searching for alternatives to traditional education. Whether it’s a desire for an increased emphasis on studying their faith, the potential for increased safety, or the individual attention afforded by smaller class sizes, many Northville parents are searching for the right private school near them. If you are considering private education for your child, St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville is committed to providing a Christ-centered, biblically-based education that emphasizes the importance of academic excellence.

Private Schools Near Me in Northville, MI

Northville, Michigan residents have great choices for education throughout the area. Many parents search for alternatives to public schools like Christian private education. Advantages to private education include:

  • Smaller class sizes allow teachers to evaluate students more effectively at an individual level. They also provide a more collaborative environment.
  • Private schools can implement religious curriculum in their education. We are able to emphasize the importance of Christ-centered discipleship in our education process.
  • We have the ability and right to make decisions about in-person or remote learning based on our school’s unique situation. Our small class sizes make it possible to promote social distancing.
  • Our faculty and parents are awesome like family, caring about one another beyond the classroom. Many of our students are part of St. Paul Lutheran Church.
  • We are able to implement teaching and learning styles that help students excel in the classroom, at home when they are studying individually, and beyond our school.

If you are searching for an alternative to public education in the Northville, Michigan area, St. Paul’s Lutheran School is a Christian private institution that serves students throughout the area. Our private school is near downtown Northville, so we are convenient to your neighborhood and commute. We are committed to helping children develop their full potential as God's creation as we:

  • TEACH children to serve God and others.
  • EQUIP children with knowledge and skills for living.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each child's uniqueness.
  • CREATE an active, Christ-centered learning environment.
  • HONOR GOD through active church participation.

If you would like more information about our school, please contact us. We are here to help parents find quality alternatives to public education in the Christian private school environment.