SPL private schoolEducation is an important part of living in Northville Michigan. With the prestigious University of Michigan fifteen miles down the road, Oxford County residents are privy to some of the top professors and educators in many disciplines. Parents, fortunately, have options for their child’s education that extend beyond traditional public schools. For those who are seeking alternative academic solutions, St. Paul Lutheran School provides the Northville area with the highest quality private Christian education. If you are considering private school for your child, St. Paul Lutheran School in Northville is here for you. 

Why Private School may be Best for Northville, Michigan Students 

Charter school is a growing movement in Michigan, which appeals to parents for a number of reasons, none the least of which is that they cannot charge tuition. However, since they do receive their primary funding from municipal and state tax revenue, charter schools do not have as much freedom over their curriculum and hiring processes as private schools. The benefits of private education for your children include:

  • Private schools can include religious education as part of their curriculum. 
  • Private schools can hire well-educated teachers and experts in a variety of disciplines, even if they do not have teaching licensure.
  • Private schools can hire teachers who adhere to the religious values for which parents are searching. 
  • Private schools typically feature smaller class sizes.
  • Private school students have a better opportunity to build mentoring relationships with their teachers. 
  • Private schools are statistically safer than public schools.

While charter schools provide a middle ground between public and private education, there is still great value in choosing a private institution. 

Who is St. Paul Northville School?

St. Paul Northville school is a private Christian school and ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church. We have sixty years of experience educating the students of Northville, Michigan. As a private Lutheran school, we emphasize the importance of a relationship with God through faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior; however, we welcome students from various faith traditions. Even if you are not religious at all, your child will find St. Paul’s welcoming. 

Our teachers are committed to providing a well-rounded academic experience. They are knowledgeable with tremendous expertise in their respective subjects and excellent spiritual mentors. If you are searching for a private school in Northville, MI, make sure you contact St. Paul Lutheran School. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you a tour of our facilities. Consider our school as your alternative to public education.