tips for students during holidaysRaising children is a rewarding challenge, even though it doesn’t always feel rewarding. One day your little ones are tiny and sweet, then they become preteens and hit their middle school years. Eleven to fourteen-year-olds are going through changes and navigating new emotions all while trying to keep up with school and plan for their futures. Sometimes parents may wish they could just turn back the clock. 

At the same time, the preteen years are an opportunity to see your parenting in action. You have taught them how to work hard, be respectful, show kindness, and make good decisions. It is in these years they can put it all into practice. This is also the season where they will early begin making their faith their own. They will be asking difficult questions about God, the Bible, and the world around them. They will want to know why God created the world and why he allows evil to exist. They will ask why Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

For many Northville parents, they want to know their preteens have the best chance of hearing Biblical answers to those questions. They are concerned that even great public middle schools can’t provide the answers to those deep questions. Those searching for alternatives to public middle school will be pleased to know St. Paul Lutheran School’s upper school program provides an academically rigorous education in a Christ-centered environment. 

The Benefits of a Private Christian Upper School Education 

Like our lower grades, our upper school faculty is committed to helping students reach their full, God-given potential in academics and beyond. The goal of our school is to help our students understand how to respond to these ideas as Christian students. It is expected that parents will support our curriculum and reinforce what students are studying in the home. Some of the key benefits to our upper school education include:

  • Small class sizes of up to just 20 students
  • Quality Christian education program
  • Strong academic curriculum
  • Phonics reading method
  • State certified teachers at all levels
  • Computer learning program
  • Music education program
  • Library and Accelerated Reader program
  • Spanish Instruction
  • Uniform dress code

It has never been more challenging for children to navigate the preteen years. If you are ready to ensure your child is surrounded by teachers, faculty, and students who love God and people, contact St. Paul Lutheran School today. Our upper school may indeed be the right alternative to public middle school for your child.